HairTrend Nano-skin top hair thickening, toupee for man. This is not a wig!

In the past, wigs were the only solution for man hair loss. Which were not esthetical and of course too hot or permanent wear, not speaking about the so called „cap-effect” of the hairdo.

Our company offers state of the art hair thickening for man. Hair thickening for man is comfortable, natural looking and still light in its weight. The skin layer of the toupee is breathable and unoticable, transparent.

Natural solution for heavy hair loss. This transparent skin layer of the toupee is enriched handmade with hair. The hairs are woven one by one, so even for close looking it is unnoticeable for human eyes. The attachment of the toupee is made with a skin friendly adhesive. After 10 minutes it can be brushed, combed, styled.

The hairpiece behaves like our own hair, washable, dryable, can be stylized like our own hair.

Process of the attachment:

First we shave off the hair from the balding area then we degreasing, disinfecting it, after that we apply the adhesive. Soon after that we attach the pre styled toupee. Finally we cut the hair for the customers’ desire. This process takes usually one and half of an hour. Because of our own hair’s growing we have to repeat this process cca. monthly.

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Hair thickening for man – before/after pictures



„This is great, I’m more than satisfied with the result. My confidence has returned, even my own girlfriend didn’t notice.”

„After my HairTrend hair thickening my collages at my workplace gave my compliments, like how good am I looking, I don’t know what has changed but you are like a new person to me. I’m grateful for that, even people around me every day didn’t notice. I receive compliments all the time now.”

You can the process of the attachment in this video: