What kind of disease is the spotted hair loss (Alopecia areata)?

Due to immune defiency, today the spotted hair loss phenomenon is more and more common disease. At this spots the affected person can lose hair even in 2-3cm radius from his or her scalp. It is not rare that these spots can occur at more than just area on the head. On a normal, hair rich head these spots are more than just visible, never the less they can „migrate” on the skin. When this happen the bald spot will refill with hair, and the disease will target another are for hair loss. This process is unpredictable, we can never say which area will be next (included facial hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.). It can cause a very unpleasant both esthetical and emotional problems, most of the time this phenomenon begins in a very young age, or at the first years of adulthood.

Is there a solution for it?

First of all for ensuring our own health we have to seek out a doctor for help and consultation. There are infinite numbers for causes which can cause this problem: Inflammation in our body, purulent, foci, oophoritis, urinary problems, fungus, toxic based psychical problems, genetics, autoimmune problems even stress to.

While you find the best therapeutic solution for it, we can make you feel more confident, and restored with hiding these spots with added hair extensions, hair enrichment.

For customers who are seeking our help in these troubled times:

The most fortunate will find the perfect solution for the disease, but in some cases unfortunately there is none right now. We had more young children in our saloon, not to speak of healthy adult people too, for who we could help.

In case of spotty hair loss (before)
foltos hajhullás

Natural solution for spotty hair loss

Our customers can call us in any stage of their disease, our solution for this esthetical problem is more than natural, This 100%human hair extension can be put on or taken off anytime, so this is the most gentle way of hiding them, even if the spots are „migrating”.

We introduce the Nano skin hair thickening technique. A film thick material is hand stitched with human hair. The added hair can be cut in any size to cover a spot. With this technique, any kind of spotty hair disease can be “cured”. We attach the added hair with skin friendly adhesive, after few minutes of the intervention the hair can be brushed and styled our newly created spot-free hair. After 24 hours we can even wash our entire hair, can swim and exercise with it.

Process of this hair enrichment

First time we determine the size or sizes of the spots personally. Then we select the right hair color for the customer. We cut the added hair’s base skin material, then we attach it with using skin friendly adhesive. Than we teach our customer how to do this at home without the help of a professional. We sell adhesive remover and adhesive too in our saloon. Believe us this method is inexpensive and esthetical.

You can use this solution for you spotty hair loss even from 20 000 Ft! Depending the size of the spots.