Instant hair, top hair thickening with hair powder

This top hair thickening is solution for hiding heavy hair loss on the scalp area, quick and easy. This powder is made of 100% premium European human hair.

Due to illness or genetically rare hair density we recommend using this method for covering balding areas for our guests. Both for man and woman, this is the most natural solution for balding and hair loss.

For whom do we recommend?
For customers with heavy hair loss on the crown area. With this technique we can cover the full area with rare hair density. This hair powder has to be used after every hair washing. One pack is usually enough for one month.

Quick and easy, you just have to scatter it on your hair, than we have to fix it with hair spray.


Purchasable colours:
#1 Black
#1B Brown-black
#4-5 Dark brown
#6 Chocolate brown
#7-8 Dark blonde, bright blonde
#9 Middle blonde
#Grey light
#Grey dark

Price:  16.000.-Ft

One pack contains 1-2 months supplement.
More information and order: 00 36 30 389 8828 (on viber too)

instant hajsűrítés hajdúsítás