Hair extension prices
See our prices for keratin based, micro ring, in clippings and for hair extension with buckles. For an appointment call us! 00 36 30 389 90 61. Hair extension prices


Hair extension accessories
Crystal keratin, strong sheet keratin, detaching spray for creating bond, remover – attaching tongs, separator disk etc. You find everything in our store for hair extensions. Hair extension accessories


Hair extension courses – training
In our hair extension training we are only training YOU personally, you can learn every necessary step with our help. And most important, we have years of experience and expertise ready for you! Hair extension courses – training

Hair extension – hair thickening techniques

Keratin or micro keratin based heat fusion hair extension with European premium quality hair

The most gentle and esthetic hair enrichment and extension technique. Whit this clippings based hair extension technique we part away our own hair than we attach the clippings one by one to our own hair, matching the thickness of your own hair with normal or micro clippings. Hair extension prices >>

Highlight your hair with hairpieces – pre bleached, highlighted hair extension

You don’t have to put your hair under chemical intervention with highlighted, or bleached hairpieces. With using normal thick or micro thick clippings we can achieve a beautiful, natural bleached effect hairdo. If you get bored of it, we only have to remove these clippings from your own hair. Hair extension prices >>

Silicon based cold fusion hair extension with micro rings

The technique’s main accessories is a small (4,5 mm thick) micro ring, which doesn’t make contact with heat. We hold „shoelace” like endings of the clippings (pre ringed) and with the use of a tong we attach the clippings to your own hair with using additional rings. Hair extension prices >>

Cooper ring  – cold fusion hair extension

The HÜVELYES hair extension is based on an ultra-thin (6 mm long, 2mm width) copper sleeve, which doesn’t make contact with direct heat.. We hold „shoelace” like endings of the clippings (pre ringed) and with the use of a tong we attach the clippings (keratinized clippings) to your own hair with using additional rings. Hair extension prices >>

Hair thikening, toupee for man and woman

This hair extension method can cover the entire scalp. A full breathable, ultra-thin material, hand stitched with 100% human hair covers the balding area of the scalp or the entire scalp. Read more >>

Clip in hair extensions

First grade 100% human wefted hair with clippings, fast and easy to attach. Natural fall of the hair is guaranteed with these added clippings, hairpieces. Our man priority is to perfectly hide the clippings, lockings. Your hair extension, hair will be rich so nobody will ever notice this hair extension clipped into your own hair. Feel free to look have a look on our hair extension pictures, find inspiration for your own future hairdo! Read more >>

Hair extension pictures
Our hair extension pictures can be a reassuring example that our techniques are really the most natural method for adding plus hair to your own. Our main goal is to achieve to most natural look ever, so you can trust that your lockings, clippings will be invisible, and your hairdo will be rich and beautiful. Nobody will ever notice that you are wearing an added hairpiece.