Accessories for heat bond hair extension:

Fusion bond connector

Holder head, with fusion bond technology, which holds the keratin in a constant, stable heat when attaching the hair extension. Elongated in its design, provides an easy and quick job. The ends are covered in Teflon, which protects the hair from damage. Can be plugged directly into an electrical connector, and can be switched on or off with a push of a button.

Coming soon!

100% keratin bond – extra strong


Made from 100% keratin. State of the art process, because keratin is the one of the main component of our own hair, can be removed easily. We recommend it for very greasy hair too! Special components are used in the removing process of the clippings, this leaves no remnants behind.

Purchasable colour: transparent

2800.-Ft/pack (1 pack enough for approx. 60 clippings)

100% Italian keratin glue


Granulate made from 100% keratin, simple packaging, transparent keratin, which fits well with any hair colour. We recommend it for crystal keratin or for heat fusion based hair extension on normal or dry hair. (for greasy hair we recommend extra strong keratin bonds!)

Special components are used in the removing process of the clippings, this leaves no remnants behind.

Purchasable colour: transparent

1200.-Ft/ 1dkg (1dkg approx. for 100-120 strands)

Keratin remover spray

The most gentle way of removing clippings. It leaves no remnants behind. We spray Solgen spray on the lockings, so they lose their tack. With the help of the remover clip we take off the clipping, and with a comb we remove the remaining keratin.

The spray is suitable for removing tangle from our hair and to expand it. We have to spray the remover to the tangled area, than we can use a st comb to remove the remaining keratin.

2600.-Ft/piece (100ml)

Clip (weft clip)


The clip is one of the most important base accessories of the occasional hair extension technique. Instead of permanent insertion, you can attach you plus hairpieces with clips with any accesories (crystals, flowers, feathered ornament). It doesnt require professional help, you can use clips at your home for TRESSZELT hair, or for clip in hair extensions.

In one size: Medium (2.5 cm)

3 colours: blonde, brown, black


Professional brush with double bristles – for extended hairs


Specially developed brush for extended hairs. Its bristles do not stick into the locks, with this brush your base of hair safely, can prevent tangling.

Normal size. Black or silver.


Remover and applier – put on tongs


The tong is a useful accessory for hair extension. With the help of it clippings can be put on or off easily. The metal made ends of the tong is perfectly useable for cylindrical form, and for sheet form. For removing the knurled gripped tong is recommended.

2500.-Ft/piece (Put on and off tongs separately)

Separator sheet


The separator sheet is the main accessories for heat fusion based, ultrasound hair extension. For start we have to part a clipping from our own hair, than we pull the sheet on the clipping, all the way to the scalp, than we attach the sheet with a clip. Finally we put on the clipping to our own hair with keratin.

The sheet protects our scalp from heat; on the other hand we use it to part hair apart.

1 pack contains 6 separators



Accessories for micro ring hair extension:

Micro rings with silicone – 5mm – 100 db


Accessories for ring based hair extension. It is required for joining our added hair with our own. Used for 100% cold fusion based hair extension – hair thickening . Pack contains 100 pieces of rings, normal size. Orderable colours: bright blonde, bright brown, brown, black.

1500.-Ft/pack (100 pieces)

Ultra thin copper ring – 3mm – 100 pieces

State of the art accessories for ring based hair extension. This ultra-thin cooper ring is 3mm thick and 6 mm long. Thinner then micro ring, thinner clippings can be achieved with it. 100% cold fusion based hair extension – hair enrichment.

Pack contains: 100 pieces of ultra-thin copper micro ring.

Orderable colours: bright blonde, bright brown, brown, black.

1800.-Ft/pack (100 pieces)

Bodkin for ring based hair extension, hair thickening

The bodkin is the primary accessories for hair extension ring, enrichment.

The bodkin is a crochet needle – shaped product. With it we can pull adequate quantity of hair from the customers’ hair to apply micro rings.

1000.-Ft/piece (wooden)
1200.-Ft/piece (threader loop)

Tongs for attaching, removing micro rings – micro ring hair extension, thickening

Tool use for attaching and removing micro rings. The end of the tong helps in removing and applying micro rings. The grooved interior of the tong helps to keep the lockings together and in place during hair extension, enrichment.