Our hair extensions store with more than 10 years of experience, chooses, prepares, bleaches and dyes quality hairs, according to the needs of our guests.

We offer our hair extensions, which can be worn for several years, from natural brown colours to gently bleached, quality dyed colours specifically for the needs of our customers. Our hairs are 100% quality human hairs without any added synthetic fibres, you can choose from thin to medium thickness, straight, wavy or curly hairs.

Hair extensions by demand:


Hair extension copf Wefted hair extension Hair extension – clippings
Freed of short hair, prepared ponytail for hair processing
  • In one TRESSZELT line, which can be requested to cut anywhere without a loss of a hair
  • Or in TRESSZELT lines prepared for hair sewing
  • For heat fusion hair extension with crystal keratin or with  extra strong sheet keratin
  • For micro ring hair extension with crystal keratin, or with silicone based micro ring, copper ring
Clip in and fishing line hair extension Clip in ponytail Crown area added hair, toupee – wig
For occasional or for everyday use, you can clip in or clip out this natural “hair pack” Beautiful handmade rich hair, transformed into a ponytail for the lovers of this hairstyle For customers with thinned or with little hair on the top of their head. With this hair toupee you can have a rich and natural hair again.

POur soft and hand selected hair extensions are unique on the market. Our store offers only premium quality hairs instead of chemically treated low quality hairs. Our customers can only purchase long lasting hair extensions.

1.) Straight, Light Wavy hair extension 2.) Wefted curly or Brazilian curly hair extensions 3.) Clip in hair extension or fishing line hair extensions 4.) Top hair thickening with toupee, hairpiece
30cm   from 30.000.-Ft 30cm   from 36.000.-Ft 30cm   from 40.000.-Ft 30cm   from 50.000.-Ft
40cm   from 36.000.-Ft 40cm   from 44.000.-Ft 40cm   from 45.000.-Ft 40cm   from 60.000.-Ft
50cm   from 40.000.-Ft 50cm   from 49.000.-Ft 50cm  from 50.000.-Ft 50cm   from 65.000.-Ft
60cm   from 44.000.-Ft 60cm   from 54.000.-Ft 60cm   from 55.000.-Ft 60cm   from 68.000.-Ft
70cm   from 48.000.-Ft 70cm   from 59.000.-Ft 70cm   from 59.000.-Ft 70cm   from 70.000.-Ft
80cm   from 53.000.-Ft 80cm   from 63.000.-Ft 80cm   from 65.000.-Ft
90cm   from 56.000.-Ft 90cm   from 68.000.-Ft 90cm   from 69.000.-Ft

**1,2,3 prices are for 100 gr VAT incl., can be purchased in smaller and bigger packs. For colour and for processing (clippings, wefted, etc.) request a quote on Viber or by sms 00 36 30 389 8828.

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European quality hair extensions prices
See our prices of our quality hairs in copf, wefted, in clippings, in clip –in, ponytail. In natural colour or dyed, you can find every of our prices here.
European hair extensions prices

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Curly hair extensions
The premium European curly and heavily curly hair requires a special mention. Here you can choose from our natural curly hairs.
Curly hair extensions

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Clip-in hair extension
Choose from premium European and classic Indian hair extensions, easy and simple hair extension in only 10 minutes. You can do it yourself, natural and beautiful!
Clip-in hair extension

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Treatment of your hair extension
Our tips for taking care of your hair extension. Read our advices, your hair will thank you!
Treatment of your hair extension

European hair extensions – customer requests

Listed below you can see our hair extensions requested by our customers. Colours are from coffee brown to bleached, sun kissed. We can make, in addition to the primary hair colours in the colour palette, any colour for order, in small and large quantities. In bulk, wefted, with clips, in ponytail, toupee.

Natural brown hair extensions

Natural brown or dark brown colour ( Colors 4-5 or 5-6), never dyed virgin hairs in bulk, wefted, with clips, in ponytail, and toupee.

Light brown hair extension

Light brown and dark blonde hairs (Colors #7 and 8), in clippings, or wefted extensions.

Blonde hair extension

Gently bleached, beautiful hair extensions in colours of honey and platinum blonde.

Hair extension with highlights

Highlights in the colours of light brown and platinum blonde, included in one hair piece.