Hair extensions with clips – Clip in hair extensions

Our hair extensions can be simply buckled on, clipped in, easy to fit on and to take off, just 10 minutes at home, without the help of a hair stylist or hair extension specialist. If you want a naturally and rich hairdo, which can is easy to take on and off than the clip in hair extension is the right choice for you.

In our stock you can find straight, wavy, curly, curly hair extensions with buckles in colors from natural brown, blonde, ginger, or even in any other colours, only your imagination can impose limits (purple, pink etc.).

Why you should choose the Clipin HairTrend clipin hairextension?

  • It is super healthy; it doesn’t pull your hair follicles (unlike hair extensions with fishing line)
  • You can put it on or take it off whenever you want to, no one will see that you are wearing a hair extension
  • You can always change your mind, you can have a long or you can have short hair too
  • We are making our hair extensions from perfect quality European hairs, which can last for years
  • If you get bored of it, we can transform it into another hair extension, like weft hair extension for sewing, or for a keratin based permanent hair extension
  • 100% original human hair, doesn’t contains synthetic fibres
  • Easy caretaking, like your own hair! Washable, dryable, dyeable, can be ironed, curled. 100 % natural

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Send photo of your hair, hair colour and we can help to choose!

Our prices usually range 100gr (10dkg) per pack on our website, but you can ask for smaller sizes too (1-2 lines)
Recommended hair extension quantity:

  • 50gr (5dkg) – Volume boosting with 1-2 lines (same length with your own hair)
  • 70gr (7dkg) – For light thin hair, mild hair extension 2-3 lines
  • 100gr (10dkg) – Normal full hair extension 4-6 doubled line
  • 120gr (12dkg) and up – With this quantity you can achieve a much longer hairstyle or custom rich



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