Update: 2015.07.

Tips and guidance how to take care of your premium hairpiece

Washing your hair

You must always wash your hair with the outmost gentle care, usually one or two times a week. Never wash your hair upside down because it can debit your added hairpiece’s locking, you should always wash your hair holding your head straight under the shower or at a hairdresser. To degrease the Oily scalp and the locking you can use degreasing  or normal shampoo, if you are choosing the normal one you should choose it by knowing that it is not contain oil or any Treatment materials, it is important because the locking of the clippings can split. (By experience we do not recommend Fructis fruit acid shampoos for clippings hair extension.)

For the perfect caretaking of your hair’s split ends and you added hairpieces we strongly recommend using the Gliss Kur Ultimate Rapier product family, which cares both. At hair washing use shampoo and balsam too. Ina case of damaged hair we recommend Gliss Kur Ultimate repair oil too, After hair wrap:  Use Glis Kur Ultimate Repair jarred mask, for bleached hair at least every two weeks, for darker undyed hair at least in every two months. Leave the masking cream on your middle of your and on you hair’s split ends for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it, avoid using at the base of your hair.

Blow drying your hair

Instead of rubbing your hair, gently push the water out of your wet hair multiple times. Brush your clippings with wide tooth comb or with bristle comb, avoid pulling you hard with force. Firstly blow your hair’s lockings, and the base of your hair with medium hot air, than lengthwise, than your split ends. If you want to dry your hair on the air, we strongly recommend blowing your lockings first.

Brushing your hair

To gently brush and comb your hair, we recommend separating your added hairpiece’s clippings daily. For doing this you have to move your finger through your hair from the point of locking to your scalp. Your hairdresser can show you how to do this easily. After this you can style your hair. Never comb or brush your hair when it is completely wet, instead of that comb or brush your hair when it is medium wet or dry.

  • Curly hair should not be combed daily because it can make your hair dishevelled and frizzy. We recommend – for daily hair care – to usage of afro comb or our own fingers with you can smooth your hair every morning. Gently push your clippings. You only have to use your HairTrend hair extension brush before and after hair washing.
  • In case of straight hair you have to brush it with bristle brush every morning and night. While doing so hold your hair straight, and brush it without pulling it by force.


Tie your hair in copf highly before you go to sleep. It can protect your hair from rubbing damage, and by doing so you can prevent tangling too.

Vacation – sea water

If you are having your vacation by sea (salty water), your hair requires more special caretaking. In this case you have to wash your hair after every contact with salty water. Wash your hair under shower by using Glis Kur Ultimate Repair Shampoo, balsam and reconstruct spray (on the middle of your hair and at the split ends). Leave the balsam on your hair for five minutes than wash it.

Purm, dye, coloring

Such treatment can only be performed by only a qualified hairdresser. After chemical treatment care must be taken to prevent the damage of your hair extension’s lockings. When having a permanent wave, dyeing, or colouring, chemicals cannot make direct contact with the lockings because it can be damaged and can split out. In this case our company cannot take guarantee. In case of dyeing we can make the added hairpiece darker, but not lighter (it is not recommended). Natural undyed hair can be bleached, can be dyed darker, but we have to keep in mind that after this kind of treatment the hair will require more caretaking.